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Matala Festival – Kontakt


Theme: A Time Travel in Music, Arts and Culture


Location: Matala, Crete/Greece
Entrance: free
Parking:   free, buses free, campers welcome

Contact:   Mr. Ioannis Charkiotakis
Festos, Crete
phone  +30 6932786131
web: www.dimosfestou.gr



(For exhibitors, artists, artisans, craftspeople and other commercial providers.)

Matala Festival is a multi cultural event for all ages. It supports a time travel in music, arts and literature, related from the decades of 1960s and 1970s to modern years. More than 200 artists, musicians and performers will participate in a 3-day-festival full of color, freedom and artistic expression. Matala Festival also reunites hippies from all over the world, the moving power behind this effort.

The Festival

Matala Festival encourages the culture and civilization of Festos Municipality. Not only the fact that the physical background of the festival is Matala Beach – a Neolithic age site (9000BC) – but also the nearby world-famous archeological sites of Festos, Agia Triada, Komos and Gortys guarantee a unique mixture of civilization and culture.

Overall Matala festival is offering an international showcase of Greek culture, with its own unique way addressed throughout all the audiences of every age and every nationality.

The Festos Region

 The Municipality of Festos has a rich cultural reserve, significant agricultural production, but also sites of high beauty. The region hosts high-value natural areas while showing great interest in historical and cultural elements with timeless tracks covering installations from the Late Minoan period until today.

In conclusion Festos has archaeological sites, sights of natural beauty and a lot of worthwhile destinations contrasting natural characteristics, warm hospitality, scenic beaches, gorges, monasteries and excellent cuisine.

It is the ultimate destination for every type of visitor as it offers activities that cater to those who seek a quiet and relaxing vacation as well as those who prefer an exciting and energetic holiday.

Best Regards

Municipality of Festos


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