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Stelios and the mermaid

Stelios war einer der ehemaligen Besitzer des „Mermaid“.
Es gibt einen Blog, wo er sich gemeldet hat.
Leider konnte er nicht zum Festival kommen.


Mehr zum „Cafe Mermaid“ hier.


4 comments to Stelios and the mermaid

  • Denis

    I take a new translator now…hope it works!

  • Andrew

    Dear Denis,

    what you publish is a great thing!
    And Iàm very sorry that it was not possible for me to come to matala.
    But, I think I have to come there again. Somewhere up there in the montain there must be my sleepingbag….since 43 years.
    Many greetings from France, hope to see more.

  • hi, sure wish you had google translater so I could understand all of this….looks like a great party!…sorry I missed it…..best, susan

    • Denis

      Hello Susan,

      Iam sorry. But the translater from google needs to much space and traffic.
      So I let it, but you can translate it inside google.