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Join Us In Crete.

Celebrating The 40Th Anniversary Of Dark Side Of The Moon.


We recently found a fantastic blog entry on the internet which detailed a very special Dark Side of the Moon experience in the 1970s. We loved it so much we decided to recreate it. Join us on Matala Beach in Crete at sunset for a full playback of the Dark Side Of The Moon album.

Read on for the full original blog entry:

“And the music! I particularly remember Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon (1973) played over the speakers at the Café. The speakers were mounted in the neighbouring trees and the reproduction was light-years away from what is attained by high-end stereos today. But the experience! Without doubt the best way I have heard the album, aided by nature and context. Dark side of the moon fitted so perfectly in the Matala context, with its dreamy soundscapes and philosophical lyrics. Listening to Dark side of the moon in Matala at sunset time is one of the aesthetical peak experiences of my life. Reminiscing about it still brings shivers down my spine. The overall communal feeling, the sound of the waves intermingling with the music, the colouring of the sky; everything came together in a experience of multisensory synergy. We were so intoxicated with life, a life that in our youthful perspective stretched itself before us as a Pandora’s box of opportunities – long and ripe with hope”.
(Reproduced with the kind permission of Kim L, Netherlands.)

(Quelle – generation-lifestyle.com)


The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released in March 1973. It built on ideas explored in the band’s earlier recordings and live shows. It is one of the highest selling albums in music history with sales in excess of 50 million albums. The Dark Side of the Moon’s themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time, and mental illness.

We will be celebrating 40 years of this legendary album and other iconic music anniversaries with a series of live events, dinners and special limited edition collections during 2013.

Details of our DSoM celebratory event at Matala Beach in Crete event can be found below. We will be re-creating the diary entry of a young European who in 1973 first heard the album drifting from the speakers in the trees at the Mermaid Café on Matala Beach at sunset. He described that moment as one of the most memorable of his life. Join us to relive the experience 40 years later.

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